White Mountain Mining Co.

Pasta and Childrens Menu



All Pasta dinners include your choice of Soup or Salad and Garlic toast


Beef Stroganoff:
    Our Prime Rib in a rich creamy sauce made with a Beef gravy, Sour cream, mMushrooms , and Red wine over Penne noodles.

Italian Sausage Marinara:
    Our homemade Marinara sauce with a grilled Italian sausage served over Linguini noodles.

Chicken Parmesan:
    Breaded Chicken breast on a bed of Linguini covered in our homemade Marinara sauce and fresh grated Italian Cheese.

Burgundy Beef:
    Our Prime rib sauteed with Mushrooms and Onions in a Burgundy sauce.

Scampi Linguini:
    Your choice of Chicken or Shrimp with our homemade Scampi sauce over Linguini noodles.

Fettuccini Alfredo:
    Rich creamy Alfredo sauce with your choice of Chicken, Shrimp, or Broccoli served over a bed of Fettuccini noodles.

Chicken Marsala:
    Grilled Chicken breast sauteed with Mushrooms and Shallots in a savory Marsala sauce served over Penne noodles.

Linguini Marinara:
    Our homemade Marinara served over Linguini noodles.

Vegetarian Pasta:
    Linguini noodles sauteed with Mushrooms, Zucchini, Onions, Garlic, and Cherry Tomatoes garnished with Oregano and Basil. **Topped with cheese upon request.**


All entrees include  choice of French Fries, Cottage Fries, Baked Potato,  Twice baked Potato, or Steamed Vegetables

Items based on availability

Menu subject to change without notice


Open Monday thru Saturday from 4:30 to 10:00pm

Reservations recommended

White Mountain Mining Co.
10 Clearview Drive
Rock Springs Wy. 82901

Reservations (307) 382-5265


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