White Mountain Mining Co.


White Mountain Mining Co. is widely regarded as Rock Springs's best fine dining experience. Here are some reviews White Mountain Mining Co. has received in recent years.


Best steak and lobster in town - Mike Tipton


The best fresh seafood in Rock Springs can be found at the White Mountain Mining Co.. Elegant surroundings and a first rate menu make this your best choice for a special occasion.
-Sally Brown


 - Feb 20, 2010

I have to say that White Mountain Mining Co , offers a friendly atmosphere, excellent cuisine, and a warm and friendly welcome. The staff made us feel right at home, and I remember fondly the time we spent there. All the best to Terry and the Gang Irene and Shannon Blanchard nee Cruz

Open Monday thru Saturday from 4:30 to 10:00pm

Reservations recommended

White Mountain Mining Co.
10 Clearview Drive
Rock Springs, Wy 82901
Reservations (307) 382-5265


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